Sarsen Drift

Sarsen Drift

Duo with Nick Walters

Rebecca Nash and Nick Walters

The Sanctuary is an exciting new project masterminded by pianist Rebecca Nash and trumpeter/producer Nick Walters.

The pair have always had a plan to combine musical forces having individually notched up several acclaimed releases on major labels including Whirlwind Recordings, 22a Records, EFPI Records and D.O.T. over the last twelve years.

This new venture, firmly rooted in their mutual appreciation of electronica and jazz begun when Nick and Rebecca were asked by Jazz South in 2020 to produce a Radar Commission. Echoes of influences such as bands like Royksopp, Aphex Twin, and Lemon Jelly can be heard in the mix of their sound along with live improvisation.

The duo chose to explore the concept of ley-lines and their effect on the natural world, incorporating musical samples taken from Avebury Stone Henge and its surrounding areas. Nick and Rebecca have since steadily continued to compose in the same trajectory, writing material to incorporate live electronics and samples on stage alongside acoustic instruments.

The Sanctuary will be released on D.O.T. Records later this year.

Bristol Jazz Festival will be the first live performance of this music.  Nick and Rebecca will be joined by Nim Sadot on bass guitar and Andrew Lisle on drums. 


Excerpt from the new album


“There’s a beauty to this recording that goes beyond any pigeon-holes of musical styles”

“A vibrant and invigorating landscape of sound”
★★★★★ UK VIBE

“At the vanguard of innovative and compelling new music”

Downbeat Magazine