Duo with Sara Colman

Sara Colman
“…Colman’s exquisite vocals and Nash’s own penchant for blindingly beautiful chord structures… the resulting music is simply stunning…”

Sara Colman and Rebecca Nash are enjoying working on their fourth recording project together.

During the summer of 2020 they were invited to join the Sage Gateshead Summer Studios programme – they took up residence in a house in the forest for ten days with only each other and some chickens for company and set about writing music. Centred around a song they wrote together called Ribbons this collection of new works and arrangements celebrates the joy of musical partnership, of friendship and collaboration.

As well as exploring the art of the duo they will be inviting some very special guests to join them in realising this album.

Their collaboration has been joyful from the start as evidenced on both Rebecca’s album Peaceful King and Sara’s album What We’re Made Of.