Duo with Sara Colman

Rebecca Nash and Sara Coleman
“…Colman’s exquisite vocals and Nash’s own penchant for blindingly beautiful chord structures… the resulting music is simply stunning…”

The beauty, intimacy and creativity of the duo comes to the fore in this exquisite combination of singer Sara Colman and pianist Rebecca Nash.

Their long-standing relationship has honed a musical intuition that produces the misleadingly easy sounding but musically adventurous story telling of all good singer-musician relationships. 

During the summer of 2020, when the world was turned upside down, they took up residence in a house in the forest for ten days with only each other and some chickens for company and set about writing music. Centred around a song they wrote together called Ribbons, this collection of new works and arrangements celebrates the joy of musical partnership, of friendship and collaboration.

Built on a foundation of jazz, their songs straddle singer-songwriter, folk and classical music with glimpses of early influences such as Joni Mitchell and British jazz pianist John Taylor. The Night Traveller is a dark re-imagining of the classic standard Never Will I Marry, Noble Heart, a soulful search for ancient truth and Turning Over Stones, a modern tale of being torn between two choices: knowledge or ignorance.

“Here I go again in search of beauty elusive, my spirit demands this – impossible!
Always lessons learned and wisdom earned, Confessions worn like ribbons”