“Atlas was one of the surprise hits at Manchester Jazz Festival 2017. Rebecca is, with Atlas, evolving a true band spirit, which audiences relish. There’s an edginess here in the writing and performance that keeps you longing for the next note, and the perfectly-pitched electronics are critical to her wide-ranging, searching compositions, not afraid of melody nor afraid to push it to its limits. Nick Malcolm – the perfect foil for Rebecca’s luminous harmonies – conveys and extends those melodies with such a persuasive combination of rawness and worldliness. The result is open and highly-charged, and proves how Atlas embodies the progressive energy of British jazz right now.” (Steve Mead, Artistic Director, Manchester Jazz Festival)

Atlas aim to create a progressive and unique sound with a clear identity – one that blends together elements of acoustic jazz with electronics, textural soundscapes, free improvisation, driving grooves which underpin strong melodies and dense harmonies.   The band have spent the last year or so crafting, honing, and shaping the sound, and now with the music complete, and a strong musical bond between us all, we are ready to bring this music to the world!  All the music is original and I feel so lucky to have such brilliant musicians in the band. Tom, Nick, Matt and Chris all individually bring a distinctive voice to this project whilst also complementing each other within a group setting.


The compositions are inspired by so many different musical influences which range from jazz musicians such as Aaron Parks,  Pat Metheny, John Taylor, Herbie Hancock, and Wayne Shorter, to other styles too, such as Classical (Messaien, Stravinsky, Tippet) and Electronica (Royksopp).  We are due to record later this year, and are looking forward to inviting and collaborating with invited guests on the album. Come along to one of our performances.